I am happy to write a recommendation for my General Contractor - Will Calhoun. Will has completed remarkable renovation and addition work for me over the past 16 years. He is calm, smart, focused and is an excellent communicator. He brings a great team that is trustworthy and driven to create a beautiful product. I look forward to building and I am always relieved that Will is covering the details for me.

I worked for Will Calhoun at Renovations Specialist, Inc for the better part of three and a half years. I started off as his bookkeeper/office assistant and evolved into the role of business assistant. I became familiar with every aspect of Will’s business including participating in client meetings, compiling job estimates, the securing top-notch tradesman, scheduling, billing and job completion. Will has an incredible knack at being able to work with the client in creating a space that is not only stunning but also serves the function that far exceeds the client’s expectation. Will views the project, whether an upgrade of an old space or the creation of a new space, as so much more than the materials and labor that used in the process. Will has a way of gleaning the true usage as well as the soul of the project and how it will contribute to the beauty and the ambiance of the structure as a whole. Once he has completed the information gathering stage, he utilizes the highest quality professionals in architects, carpenters, masons and other craftsmen and seeks out just the perfect materials to create a completed project that never fails to please as well as astound his clients. His attention to detail and inexhaustible desire to create his client’s vision
has culminated in some of the most unbelievable architectural projects that I have ever witnessed. I highly recommend his services to anyone that has an interest in creating more than just a high quality upgrade or addition. He is an artist."

“There are houses and then there are houses, but a house renovated by Will Calhoun and his company will always stand alone”
Albert H. Yoon, The Lakeville Journal

Calhoun’s design is very restrained, but in its simple context it commands attention.”
Kevin Ireton, Assoc. Editor Fine Homebuilding

“The quality of the craftsmanship on this project is the best I’ve seen.”
Building Inspector for Canaan, Cornwall, Kent, Sharon, Sherman, Warren & Washington

“Skilled work and no hassle. Working with reliable people is important to me and worth every penny.”

“The fact that you were able to solve the myriad of technical problems was a wonder in itself.”

Renovation Specialists ability to translate ideas into tangible, finished products within an allotted time frame was a refreshing change. I highly recommend everyone in this company for a detailed custom piece to a complete renovation project.
Holly Hopper, Holly Hopper Interior Designs

Whenever I hear those contractor-from-hell stories, I feel left out. I can't think of a single bad thing to say about Will Calhoun. He not only made my wretched 1959 house a thing of beauty, he did architect's drawings, advised on landscaping, and even found the right shade of red for my living room--none of which was in the job description. He hires great people. He's completely trustworthy--no fuzzy math. He returns phone calls immediately. He has wonderful taste. He is creative, flexible and unflappable. If it's true that you get what you pay for--and last time I checked, it was still the case--Will is that truly rare thing: a bargain at any price.