June 11, 2014

"Provided consult and decision making on behalf of the owner for a senior living apartment project in Cornwall. Straightforward, common sense approach to the issues. Resolution and selections were quick. It was a pleasure."
June 10, 2014

"repair extensive damage due to burst pipes done beautifully and professionally. Very difficult areas to reach done with great skill and in time."
June 3, 2014

"By far the most professional of the builders I have worked with. Very open and transparent about costs, mark up and overhead. Great follow through on details, punch lists, loose ends. I would expect them to always be completely legitimate about hiring practices, insurance, licensing. Final product always looks great!!"
June 2, 2014

"Green View Builders recently completed the construction of a major renovation with significant additions to a classic Connecticut farmhouse. Will Calhoun not only did an excellent job shepherding the project from start to finish, but did it with great skill and craftsmanship as well as exhibiting a professionalism unmatched by few builders in our area."
June 1, 2014

"Will Calhoun is a responsive, thoughtful contractor. Greenview restored our house over the course of 8 months. A full kitchen remodel was the core of the work, however the entire house needed updating. He supervised landscaping and septic work while rebuilding a porch, grading and siding, months of essential infrastructure work. A complete mechanical overhaul of the house was necessary which preceded the cosmetic: carpentry, trim work, paint, stained and in some areas new wood floors. Will met with many hidden surprises along the way, oddities of the 1960’s construction, which were assessed and fixed in a timely manner. He exercised excellent judgment throughout. Will has a keen eye and marvelous design sense. He is capable of articulating his own vision and imagining the vision of others. Care and attention went into every decision and the house shows it. This is a vacation house far from our home – as a result, Will managed this project with little onsite help from us. He made this possible through great communication, excellent decision-making and the highest level of integrity. He managed to take a cute albeit distressed house and turned it into a spacious, graceful home."
Green View Building & Design Company, Inc.