July 16, 2020

"Several years ago, Alexa created an exquisite garden on our land. It warps around the steps as you descend toward our lakefront home. The flowers lush and vibrant, create a stunning array of textures and colors reflecting her strong design background. In addition her horticulture knowledge ensures that the perennials remain healthy and come back every year. She knows her plants and what will thrive and where. Every week a new configuration emerges of blooming beauties so that there is always color everywhere. She is not only a gifted landscaper, but also a good listener who understands her clients preferences and works collaboratively. We give her "five stars" and then some."
July 15, 2020

"A good landscape designer needs multiple talents and skills: an intuitive design sense, technical expertise, a familiarity with historical precedents, an encyclopedic knowledge of both horticulture and hardscape, detail-oriented project management to get the job done, and a commitment to follow-up and maintenance after installation. Alexa Venturini has all of these. In addition, she’s a joy for an architect to work with because she’s very collaborative and understands the back and forth of a successful design process. She created an elegant garden for the entry courtyard of a house I designed in Sharon. It looked beautiful the day she finished, and it’s only gotten better over time. Many thanks, Alexa. Jim Gauer James Gauer Architecture + Design"
December 17, 2019

"Great work in remodeling and old farmhouse in several stages over the years. Will Calhoun is a pro and we strongly recommend him for his knowledge, professionalism and quality."
June 28, 2019

Lisa K.

"As an architect with experience working with numerous contractors over the years, it is a pleasure to recommend Green View and Will Calhoun and his team."
June 21, 2019

Holly H.

"Renovation Specialists ability to translate ideas into tangible, finished products within an allotted time frame was a refreshing change. I highly recommend everyone in this company for a detailed custom piece to a complete renovation project."
Green View Building & Design Company, Inc.