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The Different Types of Windows to Consider During a Home Renovation

March 31, 2022

There are some windows that just stand out when someone is going for a remodeling project, and there is no doubt that choosing window designs for your home can be very fun and very rewarding. You need to do something like this if you hope to have the most beautiful home that you can imagine. So, we want to provide you with a guide to choosing the right windows for your home renovation.  Fanlight Windows Most of the time, you will see fanlight windows over an exterior doorway, and in a semi-circle shape. These windows first came into the popular... View Article

How to Keep Your Window Seal Airtight

August 28, 2019

As the temperatures gradually decrease and it becomes clear that it’s time to start battening down the hatches of your home, you may be wondering what kinds of steps you can take to ensure that you’re making the most of your energy expenses. Resealing your windows, or working to improve the strength of an existing seal, is a great way to minimize air transfer between the interior of your home and the outside world. Over time, the rubber seals and gaskets surrounding your window frame and adjoining it to the wall will degrade. Even relatively new rubber can degrade somewhat... View Article

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