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Heating with Wood: Wood Stoves for Busy Families

November 22, 2019

While growing up, I helped cut, split and stack about 17 cords of wood each year in order to heat our New Hampshire farmhouse and the extended barns attached to the house. This was our way of life. We never considered home remodeling in Litchfield County, CT to update the system. We also brought firewood to a ski cabin in central Vermont where wood heat was the only way the cabin stayed warm. (Often too warm! We would open the windows in January and February in the upstairs bedrooms in order to sleep comfortably. Sometime during the night, we would... View Article

10 Ways to Add on to Your Home

October 5, 2019

Whether the issue stems from small square footage, a poor layout or a lack of storage space, homes aren’t always built to accommodate a growing family. An investment in home improvement in Litchfield County, CT to increase your living space can ensure your home works for you! Continue reading to get a few ideas for your next remodeling or home addition project: Add a second story: Expanding your interior living space is hard if your home doesn’t sit on an especially large plot of land. If that’s the case, you may be able to expand vertically instead of horizontally. Adding... View Article

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