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Tips for Improving Your Outdoor Living Space

December 1, 2020

When designed well, an outdoor space can be an extension of your indoor living space and provide room for recreation, entertaining and relaxation. If you’re thinking about renovating an outdoor space for living in Litchfield County, CT, but you’re not sure where to start, it’s a good idea to get some inspiration to help you begin planning your renovation project. Keep reading for some inspiration for outdoor living space renovations. Outdoor renovation ideas There are lots of different ways to improve outdoor living spaces to make them more functional, appealing and enjoyable. Here are some ideas to help inspire you... View Article

Mistakes to Avoid When Remodeling Your Kitchen

November 12, 2020

Are you about to jump into a kitchen remodel? Fantastic! There’s so much possibility in a remodel. You have the opportunity to add value to your home and rebuild a gorgeous, functional kitchen the whole family will love. Of course, before you begin your kitchen remodel in Litchfield County, CT, here’s what not to do when remodeling a kitchen. Don’t DIY Many homeowners operate under the mistaken impression that they can save money on a DIY remodel and do basically as good a job as a professional contractor. That’s not true. Unless your day job is as a professional remodeling... View Article

Tips for Bathroom Remodel Design

October 29, 2020

So, you’re going to take the plunge into the exciting world of bathroom remodeling. You’re on the precipice of something great: getting the beautiful, efficient bathroom you’ve always dreamed of having. That said, when you start on the path to that new, lovely bathroom, you might quickly discover that remodeled bathroom design in Litchfield County, CT is more complicated than you might think. If you’ve just started your redesign, or you’re thinking about taking the leap, here are some tips to keep yourself on the right track. Tuck the toilet away You might not think about it while you’re initially... View Article

Is Building a New Home Better Than Buying an Existing House?

October 12, 2020

Everyone has their dream house built away somewhere in their minds—maybe you’ve always wanted a brick façade, a wraparound porch or big bay windows across the front. No matter the house you’re envisioning, many people are fortunate enough to find a home that’s close enough to their desires to the extent they’ll still be extremely happy with it. However, many people aren’t content to stop there, even after spending years scouring home listings and open houses looking for the perfect fit. They might contemplate whether they should build their home in Litchfield County, CT rather than wait for the right... View Article

How Landscape Design Adds Home Value

September 28, 2020

Everyone wants their home to look great inside and out, and there’s a lot you can do on your own to achieve that goal. Regular care and maintenance of appliances, flooring, drapes and other interior decorations is a great start. However, you also want to have landscaping that makes the right impression, and that’s where professional landscape designers enter the picture. The proper design of your outside space doesn’t just make for a more welcoming property—it can also pay financial dividends. Improving landscaping to increase home value in Litchfield County, CT is our bread and butter, and there are several... View Article

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