What to Know When Adding a Bathroom to Your Home Renovation

What to Know When Adding a Bathroom to Your Home Renovation

May 9, 2022

Adding a bathroom to your home is a great way to make your home more comfortable. This is because you will never have to argue with your family member again over who gets to be the first to take a shower when preparing for work or school. Additionally, installing another bathroom in your home will boost the property’s value. Here are things to consider when adding another bathroom to your home.

The Location of the New Bathroom

The first thing to do is pick the new bathroom’s location. The size of your home and the free space available in your home will play a significant role in where you locate your bathroom. No matter how cramped or small your house might feel, there is always space for a new bathroom. Among the common places in your home where you can set up a new bathroom are the closet, hallway, bedroom, garage, basement and under the staircase. You can also extend an existing bathroom to create space for a new bathroom.

Budget for the Project

Like other home improvement projects, you need to have a budget for your new bathroom project. Having a budget lets you know what you can and can’t afford for your new bathroom. It will also mean that you will avoid the pitfall of running out of money before the project is complete. How much the new bathroom will cost depends on what you want to install. Therefore, you should make a list. Remember that where you locate the bathroom can also impact the installation cost.

The Duration of the Project

A bathroom addition project can take several weeks to complete. You need to have the duration of time the project will take when deciding when to start it. You don’t want to start the project during a season when you are expecting a lot of visitors to your home, like during the holidays. The contractor requires a good amount of space to do their work, and having visitors to your home can inconvenience them. Such inconveniences can result in the project taking longer than anticipated and costing more.

The Contractor

Choosing a contractor for your bathroom addition project is a big decision. Picking the right contractor is a guarantee that you should expect exceptional results delivered within the anticipated timeline. To choose the right contractor, consider asking for referrals from friends, neighbors or colleagues who have done a bathroom addition. Ensure that the contractor you pick has bathroom addition experience and is duly certified and licensed. Moreover, make sure that the contractor is ready to offer a warranty for their services.

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