The Best Flooring for a Busy Home

The Best Flooring for a Busy Home

February 23, 2022

Home remodeling has never been more popular than it is right now. Many folks have spent the last few years cooped up as their homes became living spaces, offices, gyms, day care centers and more. This has prompted them to take a particularly close look at where they live and how it can be different, and remodeling plans are sure to follow those types of conversations.

If you’re intent on remodeling or renovating your home, then one of the most important decisions that you’ll make is regarding your flooring, especially if you have kids and dogs. You want something durable but also fashionable, so knowing the best flooring for high-traffic homes becomes extremely important.

Read on for some more tips about which materials could work best for your house.


Hardwood flooring is extremely popular with most homeowners—and with good reason. No other material adds the same degree of timeless beauty and class, and, as a bonus, it’s known as one of the best floorings for kids and pets. It’s completely nontoxic (which means better air quality throughout your house) and quite easy to clean and maintain.

It’s also extremely solid; it doesn’t have the pores that other materials can have that allow bacteria growth to proliferate. The one downside is that it can be scratched fairly easily, but you can re-sand and re-stain it every now and then to give it a facelift. If you stick to regular cleaning and maintenance, it can last for centuries with no problems.


One of the most appealing aspects about vinyl flooring is that it’s very easy to install—oftentimes directly on older materials which can save you on materials and labor costs. Additionally, it’s quite simple to clean. Vacuuming handles most debris, while a mop or a damp cloth can help clear up any problem areas, so say goodbye to worrying about dropped juice boxes or mud the dog tracked in. This can be a big deal. We all know that the overall ease of cleaning is a key requirement when finding the best flooring for high-traffic homes.


Laminate flooring’s greatest plus is its affordability. It offers an entry into professional flooring that’s well within the reach of young parents for whom every dollar can make a difference. It’s also extremely versatile. It can mimic other materials from tiles to marble to hardwood, so if you have a vision, you can rest assured that there’s a type of laminate flooring out there to help you achieve it. It can be a good fit when you’re looking for the best flooring for kids and pets, but keep in mind that it can be quite slippery, so it’s perhaps more suitable for families where the kids are a bit older.

The Green View Building & Design Company, Inc. is here to help you realize your construction and renovating dreams. We stay up to date on materials, so we know the best flooring for high-traffic homes from year to year and can walk you through your options. We also handle everything from bath and kitchen remodels to landscape design, so partnering with us means that you can experience a cohesive vision for your entire space, both inside and out.

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