The Importance of Restoring Historic Buildings

The Importance of Restoring Historic Buildings

December 27, 2021

Many people say it’s important to learn about history—otherwise, we’re doomed to repeat it. And that may be true. But what about historic buildings? Where do they fit in the bigger picture?

Historic buildings are relics of a bygone era. They offer a snapshot into how people lived and worked decades or even centuries ago. The years they’ve lasted can tell humanity much about ourselves that we might not otherwise know. This is why the preservation of historic buildings is so important. Below we’ll take a look at some benefits of restoring old buildings.

Historical value

One of the main reasons why the preservation of historic buildings is so important is the intrinsic historical value they have. Historic buildings can serve as cultural touchstones and educational aids to children and adults alike. None of us was alive in 1890, but if we were to visit a historic building from that time, it can offer us a connection to the people who lived during that time that wouldn’t have otherwise been possible.

Economic benefits

There are many benefits of restoring old buildings, from the cultural, to the educational, to the economic. Old buildings tend to have a lot of character, and they’re also often made from rare hardwoods that are stronger and more difficult to find nowadays. Restored historic buildings could also bring tourist dollars into the city if the building has popular or cultural significance. Restored old buildings can also attract investors or renters to the area, as they may prefer to live or start a business in a neighborhood with some age-old picturesque architecture.

Better for the environment

To demolish an old building would not only remove its history, but it could also put unnecessary stress on the environment. The energy needed to tear down and rebuild an older historic building need not be expended. The restoration and preservation of historic buildings is a great way to save the environment, as doing so contributes to the longevity of a structure that was built some years ago. Contractors could even update the building and make it more energy efficient, which would be one of the main benefits of restoring historic buildings.

Aesthetically pleasing

We’ve already briefly touched on this point, but it merits its own section. Historic buildings are often some of the most unique and beautiful structures to be found within any city. Their architectural styles are often rare in the present day, and restoring them is a worthy nod to the past and to the way buildings were designed and constructed long ago.

Teardowns are permanent

You can only demolish a historic building once, and when you do, everything in it is gone for good. There’s no way to genuinely replicate the old building exactly the way it was, even if you hired a skilled team to recreate a scale model. Restoring historic buildings is a way to preserve them, because you can always tear them down later. You can’t build them back once they’re gone.

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