Renovation Ideas to Tackle Before and During the Winter

Renovation Ideas to Tackle Before and During the Winter

December 1, 2021

Many of us think of spring and summer as the best times of the year for home improvement projects. While this is true to some extent, you can’t discount the benefits of doing renovations in the fall and winter.

Without warm-weather activities and summer vacations going on, now’s the perfect time to get around to making the home improvements you’ve always dreamed of. Continue reading to learn about a few of the best renovation projects for the winter:

  • Kitchen counters: While there are certainly plenty of kitchen updates to make (which we’ll cover below), we recommend starting with the counters this year. Counter installation can be fairly quick, and it doesn’t require numerous trips back and forth out in the cold.
  • Kitchen cabinets: Replacing all of your cabinetry is certainly an option—and it might be needed! But in some cases, you can give your kitchen a quick facelift by simply replacing your drawer pulls and knobs. This is one of the winter renovations that can be a DIY project, but it doesn’t hurt to speak to a contractor before you get started.
  • Kitchen backsplash: Updating your backsplash can give your kitchen some new life without breaking the bank. This can be another quick weekend project. However, we do recommend bringing in a professional to tackle it. The pros will ensure the job is done right, and they can help you pick out the perfect tile for your kitchen.
  • Light fixtures: Early sunsets and lower amounts of sunlight can put us in a funky mood during the winter. One of our favorite winter renovations is simply replacing your boring old light fixtures. You’ll be amazed at how having some new light throughout the house can improve your spirits.
  • Bathroom faucets: Now’s not really the time to get into a full bathroom renovation, especially with the holidays just around the corner. What you can do, though, is update the faucets. Like kitchen hardware, faucet replacement is quick, relatively inexpensive and gives your bathroom a bit of a facelift.
  • Walls: Repainting your walls can be done in any season, but you can often get a better deal on paint and painting supplies during the fall and winter. If you’re tired of being cooped up in the house and need a project to work on, painting is a great choice.
  • Carpeting: If your current carpeting has seen better days, now’s the time to replace it. New carpets make your home feel cozier, and they’re better able to stand up to wet, snowy boots than old carpeting.
  • Adding insulation: This one isn’t as visually obvious, but it is essential for your comfort and energy savings. You can add insulation yourself, but you may want to talk to a contractor to see which insulation you should use and where it should go.

We can handle all of your renovations

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