How to Choose the Best Vanity for Your Bathroom Remodel

How to Choose the Best Vanity for Your Bathroom Remodel

August 9, 2021

When you’re taking on a bathroom remodel at your home, every detail counts. In addition to features like the bathtub and shower, you need to carefully consider the vanity you choose for your space. Use the tips described below to guide you as you select a vanity that both looks and functions well in your newly-updated bathroom.

Consider dimensions before all else

Since you obviously want your new vanity to be a perfect fit while making bathroom renovations to your home, be sure to take accurate measurements of your space first. Unless you’re rerouting plumbing, you’ll have a general idea of where the vanity will need to go. Measure the room’s dimensions, and make sure to provide plenty of space to properly maneuver in the room. If you plan on adding mirrors or wall-mounted cabinets to the bathroom, make sure to provide enough clearance for these features.

Determine function

What you need in a vanity is often determined by how you’ll be using the bathroom. For instance, if you’re renovating a half bath, you’ll usually need a small vanity with space for only one sink. On the other hand, master bathroom renovations usually include a vanity with space for two sinks so that both partners have a sink of their own to get ready.

Decide on how much storage you want

Vanities are incredibly useful storage spaces in a bathroom where space is often a premium. Depending on the spatial constraints of the room, as well as the items you want to store, you may want to choose a vanity that has both drawers and doors to give you easy access to your things.

It’s always important to remember that cabinet drawers and doors take up different kinds of space. While drawers will extend out of the front of the cabinet, a door will swing out to the side. Again, take into account the overall layout of the bathroom and where the main features, like the shower, tub and toilet, will be, and make sure to choose a vanity with the right combination of drawers and doors so that you can maneuver comfortably in the room.

Choose materials that hold up well to regular wear and tear

Make the most of your investment in a bathroom remodel by selecting a vanity made of durable, high-quality materials that can hold up to regular wear and tear. It’s best to choose a cabinet made of materials that are suitable for the warm, moist environment of a bathroom. Wood veneer, laminate and thermofoil are ideal choices that generally hold up well to all the substances you’d expect to encounter in a bathroom, like water, cleaning products, makeup and more.

If you’re making bathroom renovations to your home, choosing a vanity is a huge step in making sure the space looks and functions exactly as you want it to. It’s always helpful to get a professional opinion from a reputable expert in bathroom remodeling, such as Green View Building & Design Company, Inc. With some expert guidance, you can choose a vanity that provides the final finishing touch for your bathroom remodel.

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