Landscaping Tips to Raise Your Home Value

Landscaping Tips to Raise Your Home Value

May 6, 2021

If you’re looking for ways to boost your home’s value, you might think of expensive projects like upgrading your kitchen or renovating your bathroom. But did you know that landscaping projects can increase your home’s value by up to 20 percent? Check out our leading tips on landscape designs that can up your home value in Litchfield County, CT.

Adding an irrigation system

One of the best ways to maintain your lawn and keep it looking beautiful throughout the year is to add an automatic irrigation system. Whether it’s a drip system or in-ground sprinklers, you can distribute water evenly across the whole lawn. This will make it look great and you won’t have to worry about it becoming oversaturated or drying out.

Add a tree

If your yard is somewhat empty, you may want to consider planting a tree. This can add thousands of dollars to your home’s value if you plant a mature tree, or you can add a younger tree that will reach maturity in three to eight years, depending on the tree. This will add pleasant shade to your yard and may increase privacy as well.

Keep your lawn looking great

Everyone knows that a trimmed lawn and well-maintained gardens will increase curb appeal. If you have overgrown grass or weeds, potential home buyers are going to notice. Keep a regular fertilization schedule and ensure that the lawn is getting the right amount of water. Hiring a professional landscaper can also be a smart call to keep the lawn in tiptop shape.

Match the landscape’s style with the home’s architecture

If you have a classic style of home, make sure that the landscaping is in the same style, with bright colorful flowers and shrubs. For more modern homes, you may want to add stylish fountains or a koi pond. Consult with a designer about how to marry the home and property’s style with your new landscaping.

Prune trees and bushes

If you’re not taking care of the branches and bushes on your home’s property, prospective home buyers are going to notice. You can either do this work yourself or find pros who specialize in yard care. Trimming also encourages healthy plant growth, so your property’s trees and shrubs will thrive if they’re pruned properly.

Bring in fresh mulch

Mulch is great for retaining soil moisture and maintaining lower root temperatures so plants can grow. But if your mulch has been there for several years, it might be time to switch it out. Keep the landscape looking fresh with a new layer of mulch.

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