What Renovations Add the Most Value to a Home?

What Renovations Add the Most Value to a Home?

January 8, 2021

Selling your home in Litchfield County, CT is a very involved process. A lot of work goes into preparing a house for sale way before you show it off to potential buyers. Homeowners spend years renovating their houses because they know it will yield a higher price tag than selling the property in its current state. Here are the most popular home renovations that add value and overall improvements to your home.

Attic insulation

Installing new attic insulation should be at the top of every homeowner’s list. Unlike so many other home renovation projects, attic insulation will yield a return on investment greater than the initial cost. Plus, you can start saving money right away. You don’t get your money back on a new entryway or hardwood flooring until you seal the deal with a buyer. Attic insulation reduces your energy bills, making it a great investment both for you and the next homeowner.

Insulation is the only home renovation that adds value and overall improvements to your home while continually saving money over time. The longer a family lives in their newly insulated house, the more they can enjoy reduced energy costs. Homeowners in Litchfield County, CT who are looking to sell should plan this installation before anything else.

Small DIY projects

When it comes to home renovations, bigger isn’t always better. Homeowners make the mistake of going overboard on major kitchen remodels without comparing the cost to the return on investment. The more you spend on a single room, the less cost recoup you’ll get in the end. For example, tearing out your kitchen to make it look entirely different doesn’t add any more resale value than new countertops and hardwood floors.

Some projects don’t even require a professional to complete. People who want to spruce up their homes should focus on small DIY projects like a fresh coat of paint or kitchen backsplash. The cost of materials is cheap, and potential buyers appreciate the minor home renovations that add value and overall improvements to your home.

Exterior remodeling

Sellers can increase resale value by giving their homes improved curb appeal. A house’s outer appearance affects not only the homeowner, but also their neighbors and everyone who passes through the neighborhood. The first thing anyone notices about your house is the exterior, so it has to look polished.

Homeowners can add curb appeal with vinyl window trim and siding, manufactured stone veneers around the front door, a new roof and gutter system and the list goes on. These options and more guarantee a high return compared to the installation price. Speak with a contractor in Litchfield County, CT to determine which exterior features are worn out and due for an upgrade.

Deciding to renovate is just the first step. Sellers need help crunching some numbers to figure out which projects yield the largest return on investment. You don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on renovations only to discover they barely added any resale value. The builders at Green View Building & Design Company, Inc. can recommend the most valuable renovations and bring them to life in your home. Reach out to learn more.

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