Top 10 Renovation Trends for 2021

Top 10 Renovation Trends for 2021

January 29, 2021

Many people spent the bulk of 2020 realizing just how inadequate their homes are for an abundance of family togetherness. If this sounds like a familiar situation, you might be considering a remodel. The trick is to balance practicality with home renovations that add value and overall improvements to your home in Litchfield County, CT. Here’s a list of the top 10 renovation trends in 2021. Which ones will you add to your space?

  1. Home offices: With much of the country now working from home, and a growing trend toward remote work overall, home offices are increasing in popularity. Experts project that the home office trend is here to stay. Upgrade yours with more electrical outlets, bigger windows, new lighting and more.
  2. Undoing an open plan: Another thing 2020 taught us was that the open-plan layouts are not conducive to having everyone home at once. When you’re trying to get work done and the kids are doing virtual school across the living room, it’s hard for anyone to focus. Homeowners are looking to separate their living spaces for more privacy.
  3. Warm neutrals: Design-wise, warm neutral tones are coming back in a big way. Look for palettes that include sand, taupe, browns and other warm neutrals. They give your home a warm, cozy feeling.
  4. Backyard cottages: If you’ve got a backyard, you can add serious value by building a cottage. They can be used for offices, guest rooms or even a full multi-generational suite. These not only add functionality, but they also add valuable livable space to your property.
  5. Multi-zone kitchens: If you enjoy having multiple cooks in the kitchen, a multi-zone kitchen—with dedicated spaces for food prep, baking, stovetops and more—are the new trend. Work with your designer to find the most efficient use for your space.
  6. Pergolas: Pergolas add beauty and shade to your backyard, especially when placed over pavement. Plant trailing vines for a dramatic look.
  7. Wood decks: Wood decks are a perennial home improvement favorite, since they add functional space and home value. They’re great for entertaining, dining al fresco and more.
  8. Bathroom upgrades: Luxurious bathrooms are increasingly popular, thanks to their relaxing and rejuvenating powers. Consider extra-large tubs, glass showers and big windows to improve your space.
  9. Sconce lighting: Don’t forget the details. When it comes to lighting, sconce lights are all the rage this year. They range from ultramodern to fussy and decorative, so there’s sure to be a fixture for your particular style.
  10. Large rectangular tile: Finally, consider large rectangular tile for your kitchen and bathroom. Even in neutral tones, it makes a big statement. Fewer grout lines also means that you’ll have less to clean—and no one can complain about that.

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