Tips for Bathroom Remodel Design

Tips for Bathroom Remodel Design

October 29, 2020

So, you’re going to take the plunge into the exciting world of bathroom remodeling. You’re on the precipice of something great: getting the beautiful, efficient bathroom you’ve always dreamed of having. That said, when you start on the path to that new, lovely bathroom, you might quickly discover that remodeled bathroom design in Litchfield County, CT is more complicated than you might think.

If you’ve just started your redesign, or you’re thinking about taking the leap, here are some tips to keep yourself on the right track.

Tuck the toilet away

You might not think about it while you’re initially pondering your bathroom redesign, but you shouldn’t make the toilet the first thing you see when you open the door to your bathroom. If you want your new bathroom to have a relaxing vibe (which most people do), then you don’t want the toilet to be the first thing your eyes are drawn to every time you open the bathroom door.

Spend time on the lighting

When you’re trying to cultivate a specific aesthetic in your remodeled bathroom design in Litchfield County, CT, it’s crucial to devote yourself to a lighting scheme. Make sure there are dimmers (bright for the morning routine, dim for that relaxing bath or steam shower). Make sure you have lighting in the shower or bathroom to avoid inadvertently creating a grim showering experience.

Don’t commit to the double vanity

One of the most sought-after improvements during a bathroom redesign is the double vanity. Nearly every married couple who shares a bathroom would love to have two sinks for simultaneous use. If your bathroom is too small, however, a double vanity could quickly eat up valuable floor space. If you can’t squeeze in two sinks, consider a larger basin.

A tub isn’t out of the question

Speaking of smaller spaces, many homeowners redesigning a bathroom that’s located in tight quarters might think a standing shower is their only option. That may not be true. In fact, some designers are releasing compact versions of their previous tubs. These new additions can give you a luxury bath without taking up all that room.

Don’t skimp on price

When you start searching for new bathroom fixtures and additions, you’ll discover that there are many levels of quality on the market. Before you try to save a few bucks by opting for the bottom-of-the-line fixtures, consider upgrading. Keep in mind, you’re going to be spending the next several years using this restroom at least once (but probably a lot more often) every day. You don’t want your tile cracking, your toilet breaking or your shower corroding after just a few years because you wanted to save some cash in the short term.

Let us help!

Want to know more about what to consider when remodeling a bathroom in Litchfield County, CT? Green View Building & Design Company, Inc. is ready to help you build the bathroom of your dreams. Whether you’re remodeling to sell or you’re remodeling to create an oasis from the world, we’ve got you covered. Call today to find out more!

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