How to Choose the Best Kitchen Flooring

How to Choose the Best Kitchen Flooring

July 8, 2020

When selecting new material for your kitchen flooring, you need to choose a material that will be durable while also allowing you to create an attractive kitchen design.

There are many different kitchen flooring materials you can choose from in Litchfield County, CT. Stone and tile are widely used in high-traffic areas. Cork has become more popular in recent years due to its durability and versatility, and its ability to come in a variety of colors. Wood is timeless and holds up to heavy traffic. Vinyl and laminate are budget-friendly and easy to install.

Clearly, you have a lot of options available to you. So how do you choose the best option for your home? Here are some of the primary factors you should take into consideration when selecting kitchen flooring:

  • Your own personal style preferences: There’s no reason to choose a type of flooring if you simply don’t like the way it works or looks. You should select floors that complement your kitchen design and your own personal tastes. If you know you have a rustic or country-style kitchen, for example, you should select flooring that goes with that style. Otherwise you run the risk of creating a very hodgepodge sort of appearance in your kitchen that will do some significant damage to its aesthetics.
  • Your lifestyle: How do you use your kitchen? What kinds of cooking do you like to do? Do you have young children or pets? These are all factors you need to consider. The more messes you’re likely to make, the more durable you need your floors to be. And for families with young children or with elderly grandparents living with them, it can be a good idea to have non-slip floors.
  • Cost: Any time you do remodeling work on your home, it’s important for you to have a budget in place so you avoid spending too much money on the job. While cost shouldn’t be your only consideration in choosing a kitchen floor, it should certainly be a factor. You’ll want to make sure the floor will fit within your budget. You can price out the job based on the square footage of your room, but remember also that there may be extra costs for delivery, installation, underlayment and removal of a previous floor.
  • Cleaning: Any floor you select for a kitchen should be easy to clean, because there are going to be a lot of spills and dirt that will get on the floor. This means you should select water-resistant flooring that is unlikely to stain.
  • Comfort: You’re going to spend a lot of time standing and moving around in your kitchen while you prepare meals, so any flooring you choose should be comfortable. Tile can be uncomfortable over long periods, but wood tends to be a good choice for cutting down on leg fatigue. It can also be helpful to add some soft mats to areas where you stand most often.

For more information about the considerations you should factor into your kitchen flooring choice in Litchfield County, CT, contact the home remodelers at Green View Building & Design Company, Inc. today.

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