Working with Contractors for Your Kitchen Remodel

Working with Contractors for Your Kitchen Remodel

May 26, 2020

A kitchen remodel is a massive undertaking, and it requires a lot of careful planning and research before you can get started with demolition. While there are some bold and intrepid DIY-ers who will take on a full kitchen renovation in Litchfield County, CT by themselves, we strongly suggestion you work with experienced professionals if you do not have training in the kinds of work performed during this type of project.

You will need professionals from a variety of disciplines. Here’s a quick overview of the kinds of contractors you will work with for your kitchen renovation.

General contractor

A general contractor will oversee the entire project from beginning to end. This is who you will talk with about your vision and goals for the project, and who will help you set a realistic budget for the job. When problems come up (and they always do), you’ll work with the general contractor to find creative solutions that work for you.

Working with a general contractor will help you save money on materials and building methods, and perhaps most importantly, help you avoid some common mistakes so you can have a high-quality finished product that meets all local building codes. They will also have relationships with other reliable professionals who will work on your job.

If you know your job is going to require some significant structural changes, repairs, demolition, restoration or permitting, and you’re going to have to get other professionals like electricians, plumbers or cabinet makers involved, then it’s a good idea to bring in a general contractor to oversee things.


Architects also help you fulfill your vision for the project and offer creative solutions to any problems that arise. They’ll work with you to create conceptual drawings for your project, and help advise you on budget. They will also get all necessary approvals from your local municipality. After the planning stage is complete, they will often be done with the project.

Kitchen designer

If you are solely working on a kitchen remodel, you might consider bringing in a design specialist who focuses exclusively on kitchens. Kitchen designers aren’t just here for aesthetics—they also provide plenty of practical information and solutions about how to design your kitchen based on your cooking style, your family’s habits and your own personal preferences. They create a balance of practical and stylish designs and solutions to give you a functional, easy-to-use, attractive space.

A kitchen designer will take on responsibilities such as creating the general look and feel of the kitchen, selecting colors, materials and lighting, designing cabinets and other storage solutions and ensuring safety for the project and the end result.

Kitchen designers understand how to get the most out of the space and how to complete a project in a financially-efficient manner.

For more information about the kinds of professionals and contractors you’ll need to bring in to manage your kitchen remodeling project, we encourage you to contact Green View Building & Design Company, Inc. today for more information about kitchen renovation in Litchfield County, CT.

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