A Comprehensive Guide to Kitchen Flooring Options

A Comprehensive Guide to Kitchen Flooring Options

May 7, 2020

Your kitchen floor easily sees the most foot traffic of any spot in your home. Just think about it: kitchen flooring in Litchfield County, CT is used at least two or three times a day to prepare meals. It’s likely the first place that muddy shoes or wet dogs tromp through your home. That’s to say nothing of the untold drops of grease, oil and other cooking ingredients that will find their way to your floor over the course of its life.

In short, your kitchen flooring really takes a beating. That’s why, when the time comes to replace your kitchen’s floors, you want a material that will stand up to damage and look great, too. With all that in mind, here are some of the most popular flooring options for kitchens throughout Connecticut.


Time and time again, homeowners choose tile to cover the floor of their kitchen. Tile comes in a huge variety of materials and visual styles, which means it can be customized to fit any space and any aesthetic sensibility. Tile also runs the gamut in price, which means you can have tile installed on your kitchen floor for nearly any price point. Even better, tile floors are famously easy to clean and maintain.

Hardwood flooring

When you’re thinking about which type of floor is best in your home, you really can’t go wrong with hardwood. When it comes to kitchen flooring in Litchfield County, CT, however, wood may not be the best option. After all, hardwood can be difficult to clean. What’s more, depending on the type of wood, your floors may be more susceptible to staining.

As such, as valuable as hardwood can be elsewhere in your home, it may not be the most ideal material to use in your kitchen.


Looking for a material that’s different from tile, but isn’t quite as high maintenance as hardwood flooring? Try travertine. This stone flooring comes in a wide variety of natural colors. What’s more, its surface is scratch and moisture resistant. That said, travertine can also be somewhat tough to maintain. It needs to be resealed every other year and you’ll need to use a mild detergent to make sure it’s properly cleaned.


For customers on a budget, laminate flooring is a very popular option. Laminate is incredibly versatile visually and can be crafted to look like nearly any material you want.

Unfortunately, laminate flooring comes with its share of drawbacks. First, it can (and will) warp when exposed to a lot of moisture. It also doesn’t have the same staying power as a lot of other alternatives.

Your one-stop flooring shop

Regardless of what kind of kitchen flooring in Litchfield County, CT you’re after, the pros at Green View Building & Design Company, Inc. can help. For more than 30 years, we have offered a massive array of remodeling services to our valued clients. From the kitchen to the bedroom to the bathroom, our team of experts is ready to deliver a new look to any room in your home. We even have the expertise to design and build you a new home from the ground up. All you have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call!

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