Increase Your Home's Value with These Three Remodeling Tips

Increase Your Home’s Value with These Three Remodeling Tips

March 19, 2020

Finding unique ways to make your property stand out with a remodel while also increasing the value of your home is paramount for all homeowners, but even more so for those that have plans on selling in the near future. Determining which upgrades to make can be much more difficult than it may seem, however, as not all renovations are able to provide enough value to justify the cost. To maximize the return value on your home improvement projects, consider these three remodeling tips to improve your home in Litchfield County, CT.

Rethinking spaces

Improving the flow of natural light in your home will not only help to improve energy efficiency, but can also make rooms and spaces feel larger. Knocking down a wall or two can increase the amount of natural light that makes its way inside, and presents the perfect opportunity to transition to that open floor plan you have always wanted to expand your family’s entertaining and relaxation possibilities.

Finishing rooms

If a complete reallocation of space isn’t a feasible option at the time of your remodel, you can get started by rethinking the layout of your current rooms. Finishing the basement, for example, is a great way to maximize the space you already have in your home by transforming an area that may not have been used much into just about anything you want it to be. A home office, entertainment lounge or play area for the children are just a few of the many options that you can consider for this space.

Landscaping design

Although it’s one of the most commonly overlooked ways to increase property value, landscaping can provide an immediate and visible boost to your home’s curb appeal, and is oftentimes less expensive than other home remodeling projects. If you plan on entertaining frequently throughout the year, a hardscaped area complete with luxurious lawn furniture and a large, colorful garden may be just what you need.

Alternatively, if you want to add a bit of liveliness to the exterior of your property but know that you don’t have the time or expertise to maintain it effectively on your own, you may opt for a smaller garden with flowers and plants that need very little care. Ultimately, the type of landscaping design you choose should be dictated by the style of your home and your family’s needs.

The quality of your landscaping plays a large role in the overall appearance of your property, and it is our mission at Green View Building & Design Company, Inc. to conceptualize a design to highlight the best features of your home while discreetly masking anything you prefer remains hidden. The countless landscaping designs and arrangements that are available to choose from can at times be overwhelming, but with our master gardener and knowledgeable landscaping team at the helm, you can trust us for the type of versatile displays your property needs to increase your home value with a remodel in Litchfield County, CT and boost the aesthetic appeal of your home. Be sure to give us a call and schedule an appointment to make sure your upcoming remodel is the one that takes the value of your property to the next level.

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