What Is Ecological Landscape Design?

What Is Ecological Landscape Design?

February 1, 2020

If you’ve never heard of ecological landscape design, you may not understand what makes it different from sustainable or biodiverse landscaping, or what any of these buzzwords really mean. Ecological landscape design in Litchfield County, CT is a technique where a property is landscaped in a way that benefits not only humans, but the entire ecosystem. The goal is to cut down on the human impact of building on a space by providing beautiful, functional and healthy outdoor spaces that house local flora and fauna.

This discipline studies the way organic and non-organic (or living and non-living) structures interact with each other, and then seeks to improve it for the benefit of all. This can have an effect on the water and soil quality, as well as protecting local species of plants, animals and insects. More and more commercial enterprises are moving toward ecological landscape design in Litchfield County, CT to help minimize their negative impact on the environment:

  • Sustainability: This type of landscape design evaluates what kind of plants and habitats naturally occur in and around your property, and then works within that framework to create green spaces. The goal is that your garden will only require water and sun that are naturally available in your climate, so as not to waste resources.
  • Conservation: The focus on conservation within ecological landscape design aims to preserve what’s already in existence, like soil retention, good water quality, a lack of pesticides and a focus on avoiding non-renewable resources.
  • Biodiversity: Including regional biodiversity in your landscape design facilitates the survival of various species, whether plants, animals, insects or otherwise. Too often, construction projects disrupt the delicate habitats of these beings, which can threaten the local population. By focusing on the entire ecosystem, ecological landscape design allows it to flourish naturally.
  • Form and function: Finally, this landscape design technique is, of course, beautiful—in addition to taking local flora and fauna into account, your designer will also create an aesthetically pleasing space that relies on the natural climate for much of its growing needs. It not only provides refuge for local species, but for humans, too.

As businesses and industries increasingly evaluate their impact on the environment, we predict that ecological landscape design will become more popular. Everyone has a responsibility to protect the environment, making ecological landscape design one of the easiest and most socially conscious choices you can make for your property.

Ecological landscape design in Litchfield County, CT

Green View Building & Design Company, Inc. can assist with ecological landscape design. We begin with an on-site consultation, evaluate your space and environment and come up with a custom design that enhances both your landscape and the ecosystem. Our team will be available from start to finish, including the permitting and approvals process.

Ready to find out how you can minimize your impact on your surrounding environment? We’ll guide you through the consultation and installation process and guarantee you’ll be thrilled with the results. Call us today to get an estimate on your landscape design project.

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