Some Home Winterization Tips for the Coming Weeks

Some Home Winterization Tips for the Coming Weeks

November 8, 2019

The temperatures are dropping. Jack Frost is making his way into your neighborhood. Have you completed your home winterization in Litchfield County, CT?

Before you get too cozy for the long winter, make sure your home is ready for the harsh season. Use the following tips to prep your property to protect it from damage and keep its occupants safe and warm this season:

  • Fresh filters: Your furnace will be working hard this winter to keep your surroundings warm and inviting. At a minimum, make sure your furnace has a fresh filter for the season. This helps your system run more efficiently and extends its lifespan. You should also have your furnace inspected by a professional to clean and service it and verify that it is in good working order. You don’t want to be stuck without heat in February.
  • Renovations: You’ll probably be spending more time inside your home during winter than you did all summer and fall. Are you satisfied with your surroundings, or is it time to freshen your home with a few renovations? Could you use more living space? Is your bathroom or kitchen looking outdated? Are your windows old and drafty? This winter might be a good time to complete a few projects you’ve been putting off while you were busy with spring and summer activities. Partner with a professional to check these renovations off your list this season.
  • Outdoor review: Take a look at your lawn. For a lush spring, you may want to aerate the yard and apply fertilizer. It’s also important to ensure your lawn has an appropriate grade. It should slope away from your foundation so melting snow doesn’t work its way into your home. Before it’s covered with several feet of flakes, get your yard prepped for frost and snow this winter.
  • Sprinklers and hoses: Even a small amount of water left in a hose or sprinkler over the winter can cause damage to the system. Be sure to blow out all of these components so there is no moisture left to freeze inside them. You should also shut off the water main to any outdoor water sources, to protect your plumbing from freezing temperatures.
  • Tinsel time: Have you checked your exterior outlets lately? You don’t want to string all your holiday lights only to discover your GFCI isn’t working. Verify that all external outlets are functioning. If you discover they are not, contact experienced home builders in Litchfield County, CT for proper repairs. Good maintenance of all electrical systems is essential for home fire safety.

Get ready for winter

What projects should be on your to-do list to prep for the winter? Your local home builders in Litchfield County, CT are here to help make your home more energy efficient and inviting. With over 30 years of experience in full home remodeling and restoration services, Green View Building & Design Company, Inc. has established a reputation for delivering the highest standards of workmanship. Call today to discuss your winter renovation needs with one of our specialists.

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