Things to Consider When Designing a Childproof Kitchen in Litchfield County, CT

Things to Consider When Designing a Childproof Kitchen in Litchfield County, CT

September 2, 2019

The kitchen doesn’t have to be a scary place for kids. Below are some things to consider when designing a childproof kitchen in Litchfield County, CT or improving safety in your existing kitchen.

Planning a kitchen remodel

Whether you’re planning on investing in a kitchen remodel soon or are just thinking about the possibilities for the future, if you have kids (or plan to), be sure to include childproofing measures in your plans. Here are some ways to enhance kitchen safety:

  • Round off edges: Countertop edges are probably not something you pay much attention to. However, you don’t have to look all that close to see that most countertop surface edges are pointed. These can be big hazards for little kids. When planning your new kitchen countertops, take a look at the plethora of options for the slab edge details. Choose a rounded edge to save little foreheads and eyes from injury.
  • Lower a countertop: Lowering a section of countertop to accommodate your child’s height helps include them in kitchen activities. They’ll be able to prepare foods and pour beverages without needing a stool or straining their arms, and this setup can also help them avoid accidents.
  • Pick hygienic options: Kids are notorious for dropping and spilling foods and liquids, and they won’t always tell you right away if it happens. Kitchen countertops in homes with children will go through daily wiping and thorough cleanings. A material like quartz is hygienic, virtually indestructible and easy to maintain and clean.
  • Get a programmable faucet: Many kitchen faucets are difficult for little hands to operate. Turn the handle too far in one direction and they can get scalded under hot water, but a touch-free faucet can help prevent hot water accidents. Parents can preset this type of faucet to a safe “start temperature” that can be adjusted once the water is running.
  • Create kid-friendly storage: Not only should some kitchen cabinets and drawers be at levels that your kids can reach safely, but it’s a good idea to dedicate storage to their cups, plates, bowls and utensil. (The same principle works for refrigerator shelves and drawers.)

Improving a current kitchen

Even if you are not planning to redesign your existing kitchen, families with kids should consider a few childproofing tips and tricks. Let’s take a look at some simple, cheap and non-invasive techniques.

It’s easy enough to install child safety locks on kitchen cabinets and drawers. Do this to keep kids from accessing dangerous items like knives and cleaning products. And if they can’t open cabinets and drawers, they can’t use them as climbing aids. Another easy thing anyone can do is install a baby gate at the entrance to their kitchen. Kids are surprisingly good climbers, so get a gate that’s fairly tall. Finally, keep dangerous items out of reach—including knives, glasses, cleaners and foods that can be choking hazards. Lock these things away or place them very high up.

Green View Building & Design Company, Inc. takes kitchen safety in Litchfield County, CT very seriously. Call today and let us help you plan your kitchen remodel!

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