The Top Five Trends in 2019 for Kitchen and Bathroom Tile in Litchfield County, CT

The Top Five Trends in 2019 for Kitchen and Bathroom Tile in Litchfield County, CT

August 19, 2019

Want new tile, but feel it’s too late in the year to make a trend-conscious change? 2019 is not over yet! With a design plan and budget in mind, there’s still time to get in on the latest must-have looks for your home. Here are the top five 2019 trends for kitchen and bathroom tile in Litchfield County, CT:

  • Weathered and rustic: Attend any upcoming home improvement event and you will likely notice a number of booths featuring interior tiles that appear worn, not as vibrant as other tile options. What you’re seeing is a shift back to the weathered look. Simple and elegant, weathered surfaces are in this year for shower walls, kitchen backsplashes and flooring. Some exhibits you see will focus on the combination of contemporary designs and distressed and weathered finishes, a look that has been gaining in popularity—think worn, distressed finishes meshed together with modern or directional patterns.
  • Muted colors: As with paint, you can choose to create a tile wall or accent design in muted colors. Perfect for solid color wall patterns on traditional ceramic tiles or subdued patterns on porcelain tiles, homeowners appreciate this contemporary take on a popular patterned style. If you aren’t sure if a muted palette is for you, take a look at side-by-side examples of strong, bright pattern tile walls and something similar but with more muted colors.
  • A collection of shapes: Another hard-to-miss tile trend is the inclusion of diverse colors and shapes in residential tile work. Start by looking at shapes other than the traditional tile squares, like thin rectangular tiles and larger=scale square tiles. More unique tile shapes and mosaics include hexagonal, herringbone and lattice-weave shapes, and polka dots can add a little something to your space. Choose a color scheme that creates a one-of-a-kind wall design—colors that are bold, bright, neutral or earth tones. Your kitchen or bathroom will have a custom look you’ll cherish from season to season.
  • Textured: Don’t dismiss textured tile! In fact, new takes on texture are trending right now in homes across the country. More and more tiles are coming out in three-dimensional or etched surfaces, which not only makes them touchable and textured, but visually appealing as well. What’s the hottest colors and textures this year? All shapes and sizes of textured tile in shades of beautiful metals—options include whitewashed titanium, bronze and iron with plain or patterned surfaces. Since metallic tiles offer flexibility, they can be used as backsplashes, wall details or even entire walls.
  • Fresh geometrics: You don’t have to go to a home kitchen and bathroom expo to see the tile industry’s fresh take on geometric patterns. Many home improvement stores and remodeling companies now offer a large selection of tile available for purchase in bulk. This category features geometric patterns ranging from soft, quaint arabesques to large-format cubes and hexagons arranged into mosaics of varying shape and color.

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