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The renovation of and addition to a 4000 sq. ft. cottage on Indian Lake in Sharon, CT (complete)

Extensive restoration and improvements to a 6,700 sq. ft. residence in Millbrook severely damaged by fire in 1987; including all phases of the project with high level of finish. (complete)

Renovation of a third floor Master Bedroom Suite with new bath, exercise room, inverted dormer, many built-ins in a grand hill top shingle style home, c. 1912, in Cornwall, CT (complete)

The renovation of various rooms and corners of a c. 1865 farmhouse within which we have already built and renovated the kitchen in Cornwall, CT. (complete)

The renovation of a modest c. 1820 village house including new kitchen and baths in Cornwall, CT (complete)

The renovation of the once Marvelwood School campus into a single family residence (including significant alterations and retooling of its c. 1912, 8500 sq. ft. concrete and brick manor with attention to many period details, the demolition of a series of 6000 sq. ft. "inappropriate" masonry classroom buildings and the re-tooling of the 8,000 sq. ft. stucco barn in Cornwall, CT (complete)

The renovation and alteration of a 3000 sq. ft. c. 1904 farmhouse including mechanical, bathroom, kitchen, staircase and roof changes. (complete)

The renovation of a 2800 sq. ft. residence, c. 1935 into a 4200 sq. ft. residence with new septic, window schedule, and bathrooms in Cornwall, CT (complete)

The renovation and restoration of a brick manor 7400 sq. ft., c. 1890, called Birdsey Hall, including extensive structural repairs, new mechanical systems, bathrooms, kitchen, new central stairway and restoration of many period details in Goshen, CT (complete)

A 1872 sq. ft. barn for a c. 1860 farmhouse we restored in 1992 in Cornwall, CT (complete)

The complete renovation of a 5300 sq. ft. c. 1830 farmhouse in Millbrook, NY including extensive foundation work, mill work, stonework, etc. (complete)

The renovation an existing barn residence and finishing of 3600 sq. ft. of unfinished space into a large master suite with library, dark room and office. (complete)

The millwork and finishes necessary for an extensive play room in a house we performed an extensive renovation to in 1997 in Lakeville, CT. (complete)

The renovation of a 3,400 sq. ft. c. 1904 farmhouse with significant addition, new chimney, extensive cabinetry, and finishes in Cornwall, CT (complete).

Construction of new 10,200 sq. ft. timber frame barn on new site, including all phases of project (site work to finishes) in Sharon, CT. (complete)

Renovation of c. 1992 3,400 sq. ft. timber frame in Sharon, CT with new addition. All phases. (complete)

Restoration of 800 sq. ft. writer’s studio where sub-floor conditions have prohibited use of the building. (complete)

Renovation of existing kitchen in large timber frame residence in Sharon, CT. (complete)

The design and renovation of an extensive kitchen in a large residence in Cornwall, CT (pending).

Significant addition/renovation in 5,500+ sq. ft., c. 1985 Victorian home in Millbrook, NY providing Master Suite with changing rooms, library, master bath and Family Room. (complete)

Extensive renovation to renovation to 3,500 sq. ft. multi-use building at large high end conference facility with hospitality suites, vehicle storage garages, hardscape improvements including all aspects from demolition to finishes.

Extensive addition/renovation to 5,500 sq. ft. c. 1970+ vacation home with sculpture studio, bedrooms, bath, garage and entry, new kitchen and cabinetry in living room. (complete)

New 3,500 sq. ft. green construction on dramatic site. All aspects of site development and rough grading and all phases of interior finish for four bedroom, three bath, expansive public spaces. (complete)

New 4,150 sq. ft. green construction on new site applying all best practices for compete energy independence utilizing a top rating on thermal envelope, solar thermal and photovoltaic systems, a component of geo-thermal to provide cooling and supplemental heat, energy recovery systems and backups including supplemental air tight wood burning and oil fired heating boost for the HVAC system. (complete).

Two new separate 11,000+ sq. ft. hospitality buildings built as part of a campus expansion with green considerations for best thermal envelope, heating and cooling and material use. All phases. (planning/pending).

Renovation/addition to 2,500 sq. ft. residence with new baths, kitchen living spaces and all finishes. All phases. (planning/pending)

Renovation of 12,000+ sq. ft. residence integrating green systems, historic restoration coupled with best sustainable practices. (planning/pending)

Renovation of severely damaged (water infiltration) four bedroom home overlooking Housatonic River, includes significant re-framing, new insulation, mechanical system repair and replacement, and exterior and interior finishes. (in process)

Design and installation of library shelving system integrated into existing home (ongoing)

Repairing and improving insulation for mid-1700s Cape including new windows, new trim and interior and exterior finishes, and crawl space remediation to create a dry and insulated space (ongoing)

Assorted customer driven maintenance, adjustment and building repair are ongoing.


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