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Renovation Specialists, Inc. was formed in 1984 when Will Calhoun brought his training and background in design, project management, restoration, traditional and modern building skills and an interest in building science to Cornwall, CT. Will had been the staff carpenter for the Old York Historical Society, the development coordinator for Maine Post and Beam Company, and had participated in a wide variety of detailed restorations and the construction and renovation of grand homes from Martha’s Vineyard to southern Maine. He had been a boat builder, including working with Graham King building wooden racing shells. In his spare time he spent six years creating and performing with a traveling Marionette Theater. He’s been a designer and sign painter and spent several college summers as an assistant builder of kinetic sculptures with artist and architect Tim Prentice.

Renovation Specialists, Inc. has engaged in a broad variety of projects ranging from small repairs to major residential and institutional constructions, renovations and restorations. Our brand is our attention to the details. We provide clear and professional communication, sound construction methods and techniques and we deliver finished products that endure by integrity and quality. We believe future maintenance requirements can and should be diminished to their lowest possible level. We adhere to basic tenets like “build to last” and “build for the next generation”. These principals are hand in glove with sustainable building and sensibility. We’ve been doing this since the company was formed. We believe we are responsible for providing legacy properties so we integrate beauty and quality into our projects. We think it’s about mastering the details throughout a project.

Renovation Specialists, Inc. was re-named Green View Building & Design Company, Inc. in 2009 when Will’s wife, Alexa Venturini, whom he married in 1991, joined the company as a landscape designer and contractor after more than 20 years operating as an independent company. . Alexa brings a strong design sense to her extensive knowledge of native plants, hardscape fabrication and land and site considerations together with an inspired work ethic to create beautiful and lasting gardens for her appreciative clients.

Mission Statement:

To provide high quality construction with lasting integrity for discerning clients who value clear communication, appreciate beautiful craft, value responsible design and wish to integrate their lives into a beautiful setting that is considerate of the native environment and mindful of an overall impact on the world at large. We want to partner with you, your architect and your designer to create a place that feeds your spirit and reflects your best possible aspirations.

“We shape the spaces and then the spaces shape us” –Winston Spencer Churchill